About Us

Bluegrass Heritage Marketing was established by N. Marty Wilhoite in 2004 on faith based principles of do what is right because it is right as a DBA under N. M. Wilhoite Enterprises. In 2012 we changed our name to Bluegrass Heritage Insurance Group and revised our logo to better meet our client’s needs. In 2021 we changed our name to The Wilhoite Agency so that our clients would be understand that we are an agency for the Globe Life Family Heritage Division. We were established to fill a need that families have during times of medical crisis, such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, serious accidents or other catastrophic illnesses along with the expenses associated with a person’s passing.

Sixty-percent or more of bankruptcies in the United States are caused by medical bills with over half of those middle income families and people who had medical insurance. By providing Globe Life Family Heritage Division supplemental plans, which pay directly to the family rather than the doctor and the hospital, we are meeting the need for an influx of funds during these times to ensure that the basics such as food, utilities, shelter and transportation to seek medical care are met. These funds can be utilized to cover other expenses such as copays and deductibles and help families pay the bills when they have met their CAP on their major medical insurance or when major medical determines a treatment or medication to be not medically necessary and refuses to cover it.

We also offer life insurance.

In addition, most of our programs provide Return of Premium or Cash Value, meaning the client gets money from the coverage, even if they never file a claim!



2021 to present

Not all products are available in all states, and where available, benefits will vary. Please contact a  representative for cost and complete details.