Wigs for Kids



Wigs for Kids a nationally known non-profit that restores a healthy self-image to ill children with a real hair wig. The organization depends on financial contributions to transform hair donations into high-quality, human-hair wigs for children (at no cost to their families) with severe hair loss due to medical issues. It takes at least $1,800 and 150,000 strands of hair (about a dozen 12-inch ponytails) to make just one customized wig for a child. Annually Wigs For Kids helps between 125-150 children.

For every individual and/or families who hear about our products through a product demonstration, our agents donate to Wigs for Kids in the name of those who participated.  So, while learning how our products can help a family protect themselves from the financial impact of cancer, heart disease, strokes and serious accidents, they are contributing to a worthwhile cause – even if you don’t purchase any coverage!

Since its first donation, The Wilhoite Agency has donated over $40,000 to Wigs for Kids, and looks forward to contributing much more.

To learn more about Wigs for Kids please visit www.wigsforkids.org