What Makes Us Different?

We offer a career and not just a job! We are looking for people who want to be with us long term and who are not just simply looking for a job.

We truly pride ourselves on excellent customer service and we realize what we do matters! Our products can truly make a difference in our policyholder’s lives and our agents build long lasting and personable relationships with their clients.

We like to be a local company. Most of our agents usually work within a 2-3 county radius of where they live and out of their own homes which allows them to build a close connection with their local community and their clients.  Furthermore, our agents DO NOT have to report to the office on a daily bases.

We spend time with each of our agents and invest time and train each of them. Even though our agents are licensed independent contractors, we realize that our success is truly defined as the success of each and every one of our agents! We truly want each of our agents to be successful and provide one of the best and time tested systems out there to make this a reality. We are NOT going to give an agent a book and simply say good luck because we train our people! In addition, we help our agent’s obtain an insurance license, if they are not already licensed.

We offer 2 different compensation options for our new agents: Advanced Commission with Bonuses OR a Weekly Base Pay with Bonuses. We give our agents the choice of which option works the best for them and not what the best choice is for us! In addition, the Globe Life Family Heritage Division offers Lifetime Residual Income (Renewals) which means an agent can be paid over and over again!

We do not work set hours. Flexibility is one of the biggest things that attract people to our company.

We market our products in a way that allows us to cover the whole market and not just a segment of it: Consumer-to-Consumer, Business-to-Business, School Systems, State & Local Governments, Small & Large Companies, Referrals, Leads, Etc. We teach our agent’s longevity in the business by teaching them how to turn it into a referral based business which decreases the chances of burnout and unneeded stress.

We are a company that likes to reward our agents for doing a good job and offer management very quickly. We offer 4 levels of management: Field Director, Market Director, Regional Director and Agency Owner. Pretty much as soon as an agent starts to train, he or she is instantly promoted to the position of Field Director! We do not stand in the way of our agents or hold them back. You will not find any “glass ceilings” with us but a hand trying to help you up the success ladder.

We are a company that puts faith first followed by family and then work. We do work hard, but we also play hard! We are very family orientated and like to spend time with each other so that we can build lasting relationships and friendships. We realize that there is not an “I” in team and we work together and not against each other.

We are a company who likes to support our community and we give to numerous charities such as Wigs For Kids, The American Cancer Society, The American Heart Association and so forth. We like to help individuals less fortunate than ourselves: “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston S. Churchill

We truly try to be second to none and we are different!