“Family Heritage was so nice and processed our claims so quickly. My wife and I were so surprised at the amount of money that we received.” Greg, Ohio  $21,750

 “This coverage helped me with all of my monthly bills, including all of the extra medical expenses. Accidents will happen and you’ll be thankful that you have this. I know I was.” Afton, Minnesota $15,150.00

“We were impressed with how easy filing a claim was. There was no hassles… It was very helpful with our daughter having a transplant and being hospitalized and ICU stays.”  Cara, Ohio  $122,248.06

“It has done everything it said it would and more. You cannot afford not to have this coverage.” Kasey, Georgia $39,058.2

“ I strongly recommend this policy to everyone. We both thought that we did not need this coverage, but we took it out not knowing that my husband would suffer a major stroke in less than 2 months. This policy allowed me to be there for my husband the entire 11 months he was in the hospital.” Debbie, Kentucky $137,969.00

 “…I said yes, never really thinking that I would use it. This summer I gave birth to the most perfect little boy…One week later we discovered that my son…was going to need a heart transplant… The claims were processed very quickly…Thanks to Family Heritage my son will never have to worry about anything financially.” Sarah, Illinois  $108,375.77

“The extra money comes in real handy…the paperwork is easy to do… I would recommend Family Heritage to anybody.”  Ruby, North Carolina,  $4,800.00

“Never did we think we would use any of our policies and was counting on the full refund after 20 years.” Sarah, Illinois  $14,013.00

“We recommend this insurance, helps pay on bills you accrue.” Helen, Kentucky $1,200.00

 “Everyone  needs this coverage.  Family Heritage paid every day he (my husband) was there (in ICU).” Debbie, Kentucky  $37,950.00

 “We were so thankful for this policy… We had many medical bills. This policy helped out tremendously!” Ronn, Kentucky $6,750.00