Cancer Insurance Makes Sense

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Why Cancer Insurance Makes Sense

Cancer can be a very costly illness, taking a toll on your emotions, health, emotions, relationships, time,and wallet. It is an even larger strain when you have to face such a serious and expensive disease with no health insurance, but having health insurance is no guarantee that you will be protected from themajor, life-changing expenses if you have cancer. In fact, most bankruptcies are a result of medical problems and are filed by people who have health insurance. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), even the best health insurance is insufficient to cover all your health costs when going through cancer. There will be unforeseen and unexpected charges your health insurance will not cover such as transportation, parking, meals, childcare, assistance at home, as well as those health insurance will not pay because the health insurance company considers them not medically necessary or experimental.

ACS states that the average cost of a 30 day cancer drug prescription was over $1,600 in 2006. With inflation, that cost is even higher now. Cancer drugs cost may be much more than drugs for other illnesses. Newer cancer treatment drugs can cost as well over $10,000 for a one month supply. In addition, co-pays can often be higher for these medications than for other types of treatment.

Even with health insurance reform, the American Cancer Society states that “it’s likely that out-of-pocket costs will remain a burden for many people with cancer. These expenses can add up quickly and affect your ability to pay for other things you need,” housing, food, clothing, etc. ACS reports that in someinstances, the cost is so high that individuals decide to stop their cancer treatment early, or not begin it at all. This can backfire, and it ends up costing more later on. Even worse, skipping treatment can negatively impact health outcomes.

The Globe Life Family Heritage Division plan provides benefits directly to you and your family, so you don’t have to worry about how you are going to keep the lights on and gas in the car when a family member is dealing with cancer.

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